Did You Know?

Did you know started out as a PowerPoint presentation created by Karl Fisch a high school teacher at Araphoe High School in Littleton Colorado. Many companies have taking his concept and modified it for their presentations as in the example below by RE/MAX. These are great to watch because they give you a vision of where things are headed in the near future.



Did You Know?

One version of the original video by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Bronman showing the progression of information technology on society and learning – and how critical it is that we learn how to learn and embrace learning.




Did You Know? The 2011 RE/MAX Edition

Fantastic Video that shows where the real estate industry is headed. RE/MAX® created this as a promotional video to recruit agents, but everyone should watch this – even if you are not in the real estate industry.




Presented at the Library of Congress in 2008 – An anthropological introduction to YouTube

I would love to see a remake of this. Now YouTube is often considered the #2 search engine – just behind Google. With the evolution of the iPhone and colleges and companies getting on the training bandwagon, YouTube has definitely exploded and made the way for other video hosting services.