Inspirational Videos

The Inspirational videos below have been selected for me to share with others. Each shows how if you try, you can overcome any obstacle. More important, they show how much impact we with have on the lives of others. From the simple “sayings” Johnny the Bagger puts in the grocery bags – sayings that ultimately save the store from closing its doors –  to the teacher that starts a simple blue ribbon program to teach the children how to praise others and in the end saves a young teens life. We never know the impact we will have on others so we should make it the best it can be. As an instructor, my most difficult challenge is to help students overcome their fear of failure – these videos are designed to tell them you only fail if you don’t try!

Johnny the Bagger

The Power of One to Make a Difference!

This is a profound story of Johnny, a young 19 yr old boy with Down Syndrome who simply bags groceries at the store. Through his simple customer service efforts, he brings customers to the store and saves the store from closing.

This shows the power each of us has when it comes to Customer Retention… and the ability to make a difference in lives of others.

The Power of Words

Words get the message across – and people respond more to “feelings” than to “facts”. In this video, the fact is the man is blind – however a woman helps him solicit help from others by pointing out the “feeling” that it is a beautiful day and he can’t see it.

Thinking out of the box!


Paper Airplane Video
This is a movie of a 6th grade class having a contest to build the paper airplane that can fly the farthest. This demonstrates the power of thinking out the box as well as the power of giving all individuals credit for their abilities. Some are good students – some are good thinkers that win through their non-conventional thought process.

Nick Vujicic


An Inspirational Story about never giving up. We so often stop because of preceived limits and Nick shows us there are no limits.

Acknowledgment Movie – I Make A Difference!


A true story… In 1988, a teacher in New York acknowledged and honored every one of her high school students. Then she invited her students to honor people throughout their community. One of these acknowledgments dramatically altered the life of a business man and his 14 year-old boy.