Why Send Out Cards?

  I joined Send Out Cards (sendoutcards.com) June 1, 2015 because I was tired of never remembering to send Birthday cards – or even Christmas Cards for that matter – to my friends. In fact, if it was not for Facebook, I wouldn’t have even known it was their birthday.


            Sending cards was something I never learned to integrate into my daily routine. It always seemed I was running too fast learning some new software, managing some new project, or running here and there with the kids.


            Then in 2007 I lost my son and for the first time I began to “FEEL” how much of a difference a simple card can make. It was through the love of my friends – and their cards – that got me through.


            So why the delay to June 2015. It took me that long to admit I was never going to send cards if I didn’t have something that would let me create them via my computer. Believe it or not, I have an entire folder of cards I have never sent because there were no stamps, or worse, I cleaned up and forgot where I put them or even totally forgot about them!


            I signed up as a Send Out Card Marketing Distributor because I believe that this can help many – like me – with their daily lives as well as business. Having worked in the Real Estate industry for 8 yrs – and even being a Buffini and Company mentor – I know the value of Relationship Building and its impact on your business.


            I also know what it is like to be a “stay at home caregiver”. My husband died of Leukemia in 2011 and that year it was virtually impossible to work. Fortunately I was a reseller for a couple of companies and that income is what got us through that year – and got me through the following 3 yrs. I see that same potential in Send Out Cards – only with Send Out Cards they take care of all the billing headaches and have excellent support.

          As for me, I love training people! Whether it is technical training, sales training, or how to grow you Business training, I LOVE IT! As a Marketing Distributor I will get to enjoy this again as I show you how to use and/or make money with Send Out Cards.

           If you join my team, you don’t have to worry about demonstrating the product. Just let your potential Marketing Distributor or Card Buyer know I will be calling and I will do the demo for you. Why? Because in the end we both make money – and seeing you succeed is a huge personal reward for me.



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Martha Dudley - Send Out Cards Marketing Distributor